Community Complaints and Grievances

We take all community concerns and complaints seriously and are committed to working together to find a resolution. Our complaints and grievances mechanism provides a clear and efficient process that allows us to respond in a fair and timely manner. We want to hear from you if you have any concerns about the project and we will respond within two business days.

Our Commitment

De Grey Mining is committed to developing and delivering a high-quality project which is respectful of the local community.

To help us do this, we want to hear from the community our people live and work in. We want to hear if you think we or our people:

  • have done something well,
  • can do something better or differently,
  • have made a mistake,
  • have treated you unfairly,
  • have made a decision you are not satisfied with.

Our Aim

Our community feedback mechanism provides a clear and efficient process that allows us to respond in a fair and timely manner.

We will endeavour to respond to your feedback within two business days after we receive it. If our response is not what you were expecting, we welcome you making further contact with us so that we can review it together.  

How do you contact us?

You can contact us through a variety of channels, including:

  • The online form on this webpage
  • Phone 08 6117 9328 and ask to speak with Community Relations
  • Send a letter to our head office or regional offices – addressed to Community Relations
  • Email via [email protected]
  • Please note this feedback is for Community Relations matters only, not employee or Whistleblower complaints or concerns.


Please note that your feedback will remain anonymous, other than to the Community Relations team member responding to your query.

Where contact details are provided, De Grey is committed to ensuring that no one suffers detrimental treatment as a result of providing feedback.


Our Community Feedback process is for the communities in which we and our people live, operate and perform our activities in.

If you are an employee, please contact the People & Capability team or speak to your manager.  

Community Complaints & Grievances

Remain anonymous
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