Social Investment

We seek to make a positive impact on the communities we operate in through partnerships, sponsorships, donations and volunteering.

To ensure we have a meaningful impact in the community, our focus is on supporting local grassroots organisations in meaningful ways.

We seek to drive a collaborative approach to social investment by aligning our strategy with the regional priorities of the Pilbara at a local and state government level.

Based on extensive consultation with key community and government stakeholders and an analysis of the local context and government priorities, we have identified three pillars to drive our social investment that reflect the regional priorities of the Pilbara: education, health and wellbeing, and environment.

De Grey and Hedland Senior High School Partnership

De Grey is thrilled to announce our dedication to backing Hedland Senior High School in sustaining the breakfast club, implementing the resilience project, and aiding in the creation of the well-being room. In this effort, De Grey has donated a variety of IT equipment to facilitate students’ engagement with mindfulness programs.

We prioritise working in partnership with local grassroots organisations to create shared value between the company and the community. This partnership aligns with our Education and Health & Well-being pillars, reinforcing our dedication to fostering sustainable social development for generations to come.

De Grey and Youth Involvement Council Partnership

De Grey is excited to announce that we have established a new community partnership with the Youth Involvement Council Inc (YIC), supporting the local community through the delivery of the mindfulness program.

The mindfulness program targets at risk children aged five to eleven within the community and aims to equip them with the necessary tools and resources to aid them in navigating their emotions and building resilience. The program is available three times per week during each school term.

This partnership with YIC is in harmony with our pillars of Education and Health & Well-being, further strengthening our commitment to nurturing sustainable social progress for future generations.

Containers for Change

In 2022, we expanded our Containers for Change program, which is now operating across all three site locations.

The Containers for Change initiative encourages sustainable practices and allows us to support local Port Hedland not-for-profit organisations by donating the funds raised from our containers.

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